Eaglestone Farm is located just off the beautiful Bylong Valley Way. We are 2hours and 45 minutes from Richmond, via the Bells Line of Road. Muswellbrook to the north is 1 hour and 45 minutes via the Bylong Valley Way. Follow this link to find the directions from Muswellbrook.

Follow this link to see the directions from Rylstone, as We are a scenic 16 minute drive out of Rylstone.

After about 7kms/5minutes you will go over Reedy Creek bridge. You are now approximately 3km from the Breakfast Creek Road left hand turn. 

Start slowing down after about 2.5km past the creek, as the left hand turn is quite sharp, and the sign is missing some of the letters in Breakfast(!)  and you will think you are turning into a house driveway, as there is a very neat white house with manicured lawns on the corner!

Drive around 30-40km an hour from here as it is dirt and single lane. You may come across wombats, kangaroos, koalas and echnidas on the road 😊

Your gps will tell you after 3km or so that you have arrived at our farm, however you are only at the outside boundary and need to drive around another 300-400metres until you come to our front gate on the right hand side.  You will pass a paddock with a derelict orange Header on the right, keep on going, this is all our place. You will know you are here when you see the sign to Eaglestone on the right.

After about 50metres you will need to go across our creek causeway, it has a very firm base, and even if there is water running through it you can drive across safely, just stick to the middle. Drive 500 metres up to house and then turn right at the black fence where you will find the gate to Eaglestone Cottage. Welcome! Now it’s time to relax.